Job Title: NLP Expert
Company Name: QuantumSense
Company Website:
Seniority Level: Mid-Level
Skill Set: Data Scientist

The Company:
We provide an AI-powered semantic search association for FinTech and InsureTech.

QuantumSense is an artificial intelligence company founded in Canada and successful graduate of the first quantum machine learning track of the CDL program in Toronto. It provides a top semantic search engine that works on the sentence level. This solution goes beyond the simple keyword search by encapsulating the meaning and structure of words in sentences to make efficient comparisons in meaning and search. This gives a much more accurate and faster search for ideas or text passages in documents or archives of any business smoothing the workflow and saving countless hours.
Together with the sentiment analysis this can also be used for fundamental analysis in finance to analyse unstructured data and make better predictions as well as in insurance to automate and significantly speed up the insurance claims process for your insurance or reinsurance.
Moreover, using the technology the company has developed an automatic email alert system for Telegram given sentences chosen by the user, and the company provides AI consulting services for businesses.
The CEO has a background in computational linguistics and quantitative modeling. The CTO is very strong in architecture and backend. We are looking for another expert on the AI NLP side as well.


The Role:
The role involves finding the top algorithms and features in terms of accuracy and speed for the specific domains of finance and insurance for our clientele as well as providing consulting and advice on the AI side. Moreover, it also involves following the newest research and conference to implement new features so as to ensure the top accuracy, data preparation and training on various data sets.

About you:
A PhD or MSc in the field of Natural language processing or Artificial Intelligence or several years of experience in the field or in studies are also great attributes. We work remotely and hence are quite flexible on locations. A passion to work in a startup wearing several hats, and working efficiently.

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