our value offer

We find you customers, AI experts, and investments, all while supporting back-end administration.


 $30K CAD upfront

  up to $100K available if milestones are met

  potential investments from Holt angels & institutions

 potential for capital calls from Holt or Holdun


access to key people in financial institutions

obtain real feedback on product(s)

potentially close deals with paying customers


super advisors provide one day a week over 12-weeks

access to world class PhDs to guide the teams

 coaching & workshops (pitch sessions, lunch & learns, etc.)

 guidance from industry & tech experts

  bonus: visibility, free workspace, service provider discounts



 potential to partner with our network of Holt Almuni

  embed yourself into the Canadian community (from company incorporation to immigration visas)

 be recognized as a thought leader from coast to coast during Holt’s cross-Canada roadshow 

program details

We will select the top 10 fintechs from around the world to partake in our 12-week program.


Holt’s managing partners, staff and advisors  will meet the team weekly to review their sprints.


Receive guidance from the most relevant advisors within our 300+ advisor army. Potential to close deals through our network!


Pitch throughout the different Canadian ecosystems & refine through feedback given from advisors from all over Canada.


Each team is showcased in a Demo Day like no other! Your final pitch will have an audience of over 500 attendees (advisors, potential partners/investors & key industry players)


Each startup must pitch to our partners own your pitch & build your brand through storytelling, thought leaderships and practice, practice, practice!


Tailored trainings given by the Holt team and Holt’s Program Partners. Lunch & Learns with key industry players in an intimate setting.

startups we select

We seek startups that we know we can best serve, and those that are a good fit in our Holt Accelerator Family.


  • founder-market-fit, skills to execute, preference for industry experience
  • Coachable, honest, genuine, committed and demonstrating integrity


2 of the following:

  • Does this create 10x value over current processes?
  • Early customers with potential to improve unit economics
  • Heavily validated product, vetted by our partner network


  • Highly relevant to solving the problem and creating a company “moat”
  • Working prototype or proven to be technologically feasible

FUNDING (preference)

  • Family, Friends and Fools money, and / or pre-seed money
  • Seed funding, in need of a bridge round


  • Billion dollar market opportunity, with potential to be +100M evaluated company
  • Uniqueness, defence ability, barriers to entry, competition

selection process

Here are the key milestones for you to remember


2021 – TBD


Application Evaluation


Video Interview


Final Round: 2021 – TBD

cohort timeline

Our 12-week program is curated to help you succeed and reach your goals. 









got questions? we got answers

Everything you need to know about Holt Fintech Accelerator. 

What is the program?

After applying, we will provide feedback from our Advisors regarding the applicant’s fit within our ecosystem. The top ~30 will be invited to pitch in front of 100+ financial institutions, investors, partners and advisors. They will also receive a tour of Montreal’s current tech ecosystem. Based on feedback from the selection day VIP attendees, the top 10 will be selected into the program, which includes:

  • Working with the Financial Institution and selected FinTech on agreed upon terms for POC
  • $130K in cash, in exchange for equity (flexible terms)
  • Additional follow-on capital from partners
  • Weekly meetings with an Impact Team, consisting of managing partners and Holt Advisors that focus on supporting your business objectives.
  • Access to our applied AI partners, and discounted costs from them or other service providers if further support is needed
  • Visibility and networking opportunities through our Cross-Canada Roadshow, Fintech Events, Career Fair, and Fintech Show.

Is this a resident program? Meaning do we have to be physically located for the duration of the program up in Canada ?

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Program will be held virtually.

You're an "AI" Fintech accelerator, we're not an AI company, so why do you think we're a good fit ?

We are open to non-AI fintech and can also assist in building an AI component through our AI partner Stradigi AI.

Can you tell me about some of the deal sizes that have recently happened for US-based companies that you have incubated?

One of our portfolio companies raised a $3million round post-program. We have several others closing their couple million seed rounds. High potential for US-based companies to raise their rounds. We’ve only been around for 18 months (2 cohorts), hence why no Series A, but companies are en route.

Has any "influencer" integrated a product from your incubator companies into their own brands in the last 3 years?

Yes. We closed 30 deals, half with FIs as customers, and a half with institutional investors as lead or strategics for our 18 portfolio companies.

I am not a FinTech - is there an opportunity for me ?

With the wide basket of customer segments that you are targeting (Accounting & payroll, Gov. FIs, etc.) in the payments space, we feel there could be a strong long-term partnership as we have with the rest of our portfolio. The FinTech focused Holt program is much beyond just capital raising. Our key selection criteria for our portfolio is our ability to partner with them and leverage our network for their expansion. You get significant opportunities to:

  • Raise from the FInetch show where all VCs, Corp VCs attend (video link in the signature), from the deal days that we do in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary and also from the Holt Family
  • Network with 200+ mentors/advisors/investors (you can check the profiles on our website) – these are a big source of fund-raising and business development avenue

How much does it cost?

The program operates a standard accelerator model, whereby we provide investment and support, in exchange for equity. These terms are flexible, depending on the stage of your company, and your needs. Free office space is provided for the duration of the accelerator program, and for an additional 6 months thereafter. Startups are expected to pay for their own travel and accommodation.

How many team members can come?

The program is for founders (those with +10% share of the equity in the company); however, if other key members are required to accelerate your growth, then we encourage those members to also attend.

Do you provide visa support to international founders that need a visa to enter Canada?

Yes, we will issue a letter that can be presented to Canadian Embassy or Consulate where you apply for a Canadian visa. We also work in close partnership with state organizations that can further assist you with visa issues.

Do we have to go to Montreal?

Due to COVID-19, our 2020 program will be held virtually.

How do you define FinTech (who do you look for)?

Our definition of FinTech is quite a bit larger than most. In addition to traditional sectors we also include Regtech, Insurtech, and Blockchain. Our belief is rather centered around the customer journey, and that FinTech will increasingly transcend industries, thus we prefer not to create barriers. Instead, our goal is to select the best FinTech startups that we can best accelerate. Therefore, we first look for FinTechs for which our advisors and partners can help close them customers, all of whom are either directly in FinTech, or 1-degree separation. Once those deals are closed, our investment partners and AI lab ensure the startups deliver, thus priority hear to those who are raising rounds and incorporate an AI component.

We are already generating $3M in revenue - can you help us?

Given the quality of our advisors, access to an applied AI lab, connections to $1 billion in FinTech funding, and being embedded within the FinTech ecosystem, we can certainly help you. That said, our accelerator model is dependent on receiving a certain level of equity for our investment and services provided. While our terms are flexible, we must obtain a certain threshold of equity to ensure the “venture math” works out.

How much equity do you take?

Our terms are flexible, and in fact, we get the founders to make us an offer. That said, we allow 15 startups to make an offer, of which we only select 10. The offer consists of a first CAD$30K cash investment and CAD$200K of services converted at your current cap rate, with potential for an additional CAD$100K follow-on cash investment if milestones are met.

What stage startup are you looking for?

We look for pre-seed to seed stage companies. This is anything from a couple of PhDs with a proven technology that’s been commercially validated, to a startup with a product on the market generating revenue and now seeking their growth levers.

Will you be opening other centres in Canada?

Too early to tell, but open to suggestions 

What is the level of commitment required by the startup?

We expect the founders to be full-time, therefore, 100% committed to advancing their startup to their next milestone.

Do you take equity?

Yes, we do take equity. Our terms are flexible (you make us an offer), which includes up to CAD$130K cash, but in exchange for equity.

Who is the corporate sponsor and is the aim to do a pilot with them in a particular market?

We have Advisors who represent over 40 financial institutions, alongside several corporate partners who are looking for POCs. During selection day, they will advise if it’s worth conducting a POC, then we will invest in the teams most likely to successfully implement a POC.