The Holt team is delighted to partner with Stradigi AI as part of the Holt Fintech AI Accelerator.  With mentor Carolina Bessega as Chief Scientific Officer, Stradigi AI brings cutting edge machine learning and AI capabilities to the program.

As one of the largest applied AI labs in Canada, Stradigi AI is leading the way when it comes to innovation and real world AI solutions. Founded in 2005, the Montreal-based company boasts a team of expert engineers, researchers, and industry advisors.

With a commitment to advancing the AI solutions available to companies, Stradigi AI has brought working recommender systems, decision making systems, time series analysis programs, and more to companies seeking to integrate the most cutting edge technologies into their business.

Stradigi AI brings more than 25 research scientists to the team, with innovative AI ideas and solutions for the fintech startups on the Holt Accelerator program.