While Alan Ringvald was writing his thesis at MIT it became very clear that although AI was clearly valuable and transformational as a concept, actually getting it into practice with a large enterprise was incredibly challenging. “These larger organizations have really messy data, don’t structure it correctly, and typically deliver predictions to end users in confusing ways” says Alan, CEO of Relativity6 “The idea in grad school, knowing this, was what could we do to help these big companies operationalize predictive models.” 

While Alan was doing his research, his conversations with large institutions quickly turned into paying customers, all looking to implement a sustainable AI frameworks. Alan soon discovered an interesting gap in the market, where we’re all aware that AI is beneficial, but very few players had the capability and knowledge base to implement.  He felt like there was something worth exploring, and four years later, here he is, co-founder of Relativity6, a platform which now enables insurance brokers and independent agents to significantly grow and retain their books of business with the power of AI. 

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