Our Accelerator Program

Our financial institution partners are your customers, they leverage the world-class AI-lab of Stradigi AI, and close your financing round through our initial investment and our associated investors and VCs.

Our Value Offer

We find you customers, AI experts, and investments, all while supporting back-end administration.

The Capital
(up to $125K cash + $50K value)

  • $25K CAD + $200K CAD in-kind on flexible terms,
  • Up to $100K CAD available if milestones are met,
  • Potential investments from Holt angels & institutions,
  • Potential for capital calls from Holt or Holdun.

The Support
($100K CAD value)

  • Super Advisors provide one day a week over 12-weeks,
  • Access to world class PhDs to guide the teams weekly,
  • Coaching & workshops (pitching, lunch & learns, etc.),
  • Guidance from industry & tech experts,
  • Bonus: visibility, free office, service provider discounts.

Potential Clients
(+$100K CAD value)

  • Access to key people in financial institutions,
  • Obtain real feedback on product(s),
  • Potentially close deals with paying customers.

The Ecosystem

  • Plug into Holt Financial’s digital bank and exchange for new revenue sources,
  • Raise financing more easily and strategically through the STO platform,
  • Potential to partner with our alumni and future cohort.

Why Montreal?

Investment Funds

Over half a billion in early-stage investment funds available.

AI and Specialists

One of the largest concentrations of AI and deep learning specialists in the world.


Economical, with 85% of development costs subsidized, and costs of living 50% cheaper than other major cities.


Finance sector ranked 12th globally, and FIs are eager to partner with Fintechs (dozens of deals this year alone).

Program Details

We will select the top 10 fintechs from around the world to partake in our 12-week program. Commencing July 20th and ending with a Demo Day During the world’s biggest AI event NIPS. Additionally, we’ll keep supporting you beyond 12-weeks if closing your financial institution partner is taking longer due to agreed upon timelines. We provide you with:

Impact Team

Holt’s managing partners, business developers, designers & Stradigi AI’s advisors will meet the team weekly to review their sprints.

Our Advisor Commitment

Our advisors will work with our teams consisting of meetings and senior intros to their network.

Mentor Day

40 mentors will be grouped into teams of 2, and will undertake 10-15 minute meetings. Two sessions of 3-hours are required.

Ecosystem Engagement

Each team will be showcased during the Canada’s Fintech Forum, Holt Demo Day, and VIP-University Talent Fair.

Board Meetings

Each startup must pitch to our partners halfway through and at the end of the program to ensure they are on the right track.

Trainings & Frameworks

Leveraging the frameworks & teachings of Form Fintech, tailored trainings will be provided to teams such as pitching, leadership, etc.

Startups We Seek

We seek startups that we know we can best serve, and those that are a good fit in our Holt Accelerator Family.


  • Founder-market-fit, skills to execute, preference for industry experience
  • Coachable, honest, genuine, committed and demonstrating integrity

Customers (at two of the following)

  • Does this create 10x value over current processes?
  • Early customers with potential to improve unit economics
  • Heavily validated product, vetted by our partner network


  • Highly relevant to solving the problem and creating a company “moat”
  • Working prototype or proven to be technologically feasible

Funding (preference)

  • Family, Friends and Fools money, and / or pre-seed money
  • Seed funding, in need of a bridge round

Timing & Market

  • Billion dollar market opportunity, with potential to be +100M evaluated company
  • Uniqueness, defence ability, barriers to entry, competition

Our Selection Process

If selected, you will be invited to a VIP selection day to meet world-class advisors and investors, local financial institutions, and a scheduled tour of Montreal’s local ecosystem.

Our journey together starts today! Here are the key milestones for you to remember:


May 2nd, 2020
11:59 PM EST:

Application Deadline


June 8th, 2020
Top 30-40 teams will be interviewed, and vetted by our partners


July 2020
We invite top 10 teams to make us an offer


July 20th – October 9th, 2020
The program will be running

Soft Landing

Nov. 2020 – Apr. 2021
Extended stay for our top teams