Who They Are

FundSeeder Technologies, a Holt Fintech Accelerator 2018 cohort team, is developing a marketplace for discovering new trading and money manager talent.

Their goal is to solve a major problem for investors who are currently limited by the number of actively managed investment products available to them. As a company, FundSeeder believes that there are talented, undiscovered traders and money managers globally that face tremendous barriers to entry when trying to get a chance with Wall Street; these barriers, like the expense of starting a hedge fund, are part of the reason investors are often left with underperforming investment products with abnormally high fees.

The FundSeeder team addresses this problem with their marketplace intended to connect traders and money managers globally.

“Our vision as a company is to source the world’s best money managers and efficiently find ways to connect them with interested investors.”

Emanuel Balarie, FundSeeder CEO

How They Work

FundSeeder’s initial focus was to develop a technology that was able to seamlessly source traders from all over the globe. The company accomplished this by providing free analytics, comparison metrics, and a process for discovery via their website.

After traders and money managers have signed up, then, through sister company FundSeeder Investments, investors are able to explore ways to connect and allocate capital to those who are appropriately regulated either directly or via eventual packaged product offerings such as a fund structure..

To date, FundSeeder has garnered over 11,000 trader signups from more than 120 countries.

“We have sourced really talented traders and money managers that we believe are better than the status quo. It’s similar to opening up a store — you don’t want to open until you have product on the shelf, and once you have product, you’re ready to go. That was our focus for the first stage of development at FundSeeder.”

Emanuel Balarie, FundSeeder CEO

Recipe for Success

The minds behind FundSeeder are pioneers in this space. Their biggest success is the innovation required to bring together a marketplace such as Fundseeder.

As they move against the status quo set by the top firms in the world — a status quo that says only well-established  names have new or great ideas for money management — Fundseeder has started to prove that the space should be open for anyone with both talent and know-how, not just a brand name.

FundSeeder Technologies platform is proof positive that well performing undiscovered traders are out there. When first starting out, the company claimed that there were better traders and money managers than what had been made available to investors by Wall Street. Now, with the FundSeeder marketplace open, they’ve proved their point by locating some of those better traders.

Joining the Holt Fintech Accelerator

Canada, and Montreal in particular, was a source of interest for FundSeeder Technologies even prior to the Holt Fintech Accelerator; Montreal’s reputation as a hub for big data and AI research makes it an attractive destination for growth. By being selected as a part of the Holt program, FundSeeder is able to tap into the resources and talent in Montreal and Holt’s network.

FundSeeder’s focus going into the Holt Accelerator is executing their vision as quickly as possible; Holt, the Holdun family, and the accelerator’s advisors will all be boons for getting them to that stage.

“Companies that succeed in terms of disrupting an industry can’t do that in a silo by themselves. The pieces that Holt brings to the table, along with the strong team we have at FundSeeder and combined with the focus in Montreal on being a leader in the Fintech scene, I believe, is a formula for success. It’s an ecosystem; everyone benefits from us being a part of the accelerator.”

Emanuel Balarie, FundSeeder CEO

Bonus: Behind the Scenes

Where did your original drive for getting involved in a disruptive sector come from?

Emanuel: The idea for FundSeeder came from failure.

I was going to launch a multi-manager fund and lined up investors who originally were going to back the effort. Unfortunately, they made empty promises and never provided the capital they had agreed to; I quickly realized that I did  not have the network or contacts to raise money for my fund on my own

In that moment, I realized first hand that the system was broken. There had to be a better way for aspiring money managers to find investors and compete against the established status quo.

How do you blow off steam after a hard day’s work with FundSeeder?

Emanuel: Family is important to me! I have learned to be present in the moment and enjoy the time I spend with my wife and two children. My wife is an author, and I enjoy supporting her in her passions.

What is a fact about FundSeeder outsiders should know?

Emanuel: We have four different published authors on our team, myself included! With that said, Jack Schwager, Co-Founder and CRO, is our resident rockstar. His Market Wizard book series has sold more than 2 million copies globally and has been reprinted in at least 10 languages!