Who They Are

Holt Fintech Accelerator 2018 cohort member Curu is a mobile app that automates credit building for its users, primarily aimed at millennial students and young professionals.

Curu grew out of the real-life experiences of Co-Founder and CEO, David Potter. After fostering a passion for finance, David was awarded a full ride scholarship from Bill Gates that allowed him to pursue his education — but when trying to look for an apartment with his roommate and eventual Curu Co-Founder Abb Kapoor, he was repeatedly denied for poor credit, not lack of money. To help others in the same situation, David and Abb decided to build Curu to help people get their credit on track in a modern, accessible way.

“I grew up in poverty, and so getting rejected for apartments because of credit was like the ghost of homelessness chasing me. To solve the problem, we decided to start learning about credit, helping our friends and family, getting certified for credit counselling, and ultimately created a tech solution that became Curu.”

David Potter, Curu CEO

How They Work

As of writing, Curu is live and available on all devices in the United States. Currently, they’re closing out a funding round and adjusting the Curu app based on user feedback gather from current Curu adopters.

Their next steps are to scale up; in the upcoming months, the Curu team is planning on pursuing partnerships with institutions to bring their credit building solutions to the masses at large. Part of the plan is to help universities teach financial literacy by integrating Curu into the classroom and helping students start their credit building journey the right away.

In addition, they plan on leveraging their partnerships to improve their positioning and become the go-to place to send people who were rejected because of poor credit.

“There are many intricacies, hacks, and financial literacy tricks involved in credit building, rather than just seeing what your credit score is. We see this as an inefficiency in the current credit building system. The future of credit building will be standardized.”

David Potter, Curu CEO

Recipe for Success

Reaching public launch as of May 2018 has been a big milestone for Curu, who are operating as some of the newest players in a new sector of the credit building industry. Previously, Curu had been operating under private betas and alphas, which gave them the time needed to work on the security of the Curu app, as well as develop the algorithm that powers the platform.

Now that they’re out of their beta and alpha stages, Curu has been seeing public users find success and value in the platform.

Joining the Holt Fintech Accelerator

For Curu, the Holt Fintech Accelerator will open up the doors for further partnerships to integrate Curu into institutional and financial spaces.

As they scale for users, revenue, and funding, Holt will help them make the connections they need in spaces such as schools or apartment complexes, as well as help them close out their current funding round.

“The team behind Holt believe that the future of Fintech is on the pillar of AI, and that every Fintech will be leveraging AI. That’s definitely a move that we’re making, and that resonates with us.”

David Potter, Curu CEO

Bonus: Behind the Scenes

What would you like to see in the future of Fintech that is not currently possible or happening in the industry?

David Potter: On the practical side, I’d love to see IDs accepted into mobile wallets soon. I believe after ID cards are valid through mobile wallets, you practically no longer need a physical wallet any longer. I see many new possibilities once this is validated, including improved financial security, seamless buying experiences, and even the creation of new platforms to legitimately vote away from the booths!

Abb Kapoor: I would love to see a process of guaranteed approval for any type of credit line with instant financing.

How do you blow off steam after a hard day’s work with Curu?

David: After a hard day’s work, I make it a priority to get exercise by working out at the gym and stay balanced through meditation.

Abb: Lots of ways! I meditate, work out, get lost in my favourite music, read and journal, and create new personal content to publish on my own social media channels.

What is a fact about Curu outsiders should know?

David: Curu stands for Credit Guru.

Abb: Our company culture revolves around making a mess. This means that every project a team member takes on should be a passionate mess that becomes their message!