Who They Are

Holt Fintech Accelerator 2018 team Consilium Crypto is a big data company that provides quantitative and qualitative research on cryptocurrency assets.

After collecting data from a variety of different silos and sources, Consilium Crypto compiles the data into analytics products for Financial Institutions. The idea for Consilium came out of the realities of the crypto market; as a decentralized space, the market is fragmented with no single source investors can turn to for reliable information. Consilium seeks to address this  problem.

“There’s a huge asymmetry in the crypto market. Investors with more data and better tools to analyze that data have a significant advantage. That’s the area we fit into: giving investors more information to make data-driven decisions.”

Austin Hubbell, Consilium Crypto CEO

How They Work

The team behind Consilium Crypto has succeeded in building the layer of technology needed to gather data in one place and analyze it in real time. Currently, they are running pilot projects and proof of concept tests to focus on what their clients will need and to feel out their potential pain points. As a part of their mandate, Consilium Crypto is currently able to capture data on over 90 percent of all crypto trades in the world.

The next steps for Consilium Crypto are to gather more validation from their users; the team is also looking to partner with large firms for distribution through one of their technologies.

“We capture over 90 percent of all public trades in cryptocurrency in the world — that’s over 30 different exchanges and over 14,000 different tradable assets.”

Austin Hubbell, Consilium Crypto CEO

Recipe for Success

Consilium Crypto has partnered with a major crypto exchange company for a pilot project — a sign of their current and potential success.

The company used Consilium’s info as a part of their due diligence process; the data they captured and analyzed allowed the crypto exchange to successfully take an objective look at everyone applying to be on their exchange and determine who may be a good or bad fit for their exchange.

Joining the Holt Fintech Accelerator

The team behind Consilium Crypto are no strangers to the Montreal startup community; when Holt’s call for applicants came to their attention, they got involved and pitched their idea, eventually becoming a member of our 2018 cohort.

The Holt Fintech Accelerator presents a key opportunity for Consilium Crypto’s team to greatly shorten the feedback loop with potential clients.

“The Holt Accelerator has an incredible network of partners, and the Holdun family also has an incredible network within financial services. The ability to call or schedule a brief meeting with some decisions makers to get feedback would normally take us weeks or months to achieve.”

Austin Hubbell, Consilium Crypto CEO

Bonus: Behind the Scenes

What would you like to see in the future of Fintech that is not currently possible or happening in the industry?

Austin Hubbell: I would love to see more interconnectivity between exchanges in the crypto markets, allowing for better transparency of information — and potentially even a “Best-Price Rule.” This would bring us closer to the influx of institutional money into the new Crypto Asset class.

How do you blow off steam after a hard day’s work with Consilium Crypto?

Austin: We are a very tight knit team, coming from very diverse backgrounds. Everyone is different in what they do after work; our CTO, for example, has a young daughter which he spends time with, while others go out and play sports or cook themselves a well deserved meal. I like to keep it simple and spend some time with family and do some light reading before resting up for the exciting challenges that the startup life has in store tomorrow.

What is a fact about Consilium Crypto outsiders should know?

Austin: That’s a tough one, the first one that comes to mind is more of a fun fact. We have more computer screens than we have employees at Consilium!