In the early 2000s, Isaque  Eberhardt and Leisy Teixeira began their career in the fields working on financial contracts with farmers to get them approved. They came to realize how inefficient this process was, which normally took them one to three weeks and in some cases up to 6 months. Using agryo’s technology, you can have it done in about five to ten minutes. They don’t just do the preparation for the credit analysis itself, but they analyze the environmental aspects such as deforestation, any kind of inadequate behaviour, if there are any other constraints to the land, how long have they been cultivating on that same piece of land, what is the quality of the farm, etc. 

In the financial structure for the agriculture business, mistrust is a key issue agryo wants to stop. “Agryo’s Risk Intelligence platform solves for this legacy structure problem with each stage of the financial contracts being carried out under a data-based assessment process to provide transparency,” said Isaque. “We are a risk intelligence provider, enabling financial institutions to better know their farmers and increase engagement with low operational and acquisition costs.”

Thanks to agryo, 500 million farmers now have a chance to be served with their data-driven financial and environmental services. Agryo helps the farmers by enabling the institutions to deliver to a larger number of clients, as well as give them proof by using blockchain technology to evaluate in an inexpensive, fast, transparent and sustainable way.  

They now have products running with the Brazil Central Bank using the same data and proofs to evaluate and monitor the protected areas for the farmers. Isaque shares that “farmers are the only unique people who can really address the environmental challenges in climate change because they need their land and water supply to be protected in order to grow crops.” This is something that big corporations and energy companies need to invest in due to pressures from society.

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